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A shade waded through the center of the river. It was broad daylight with only a few clouds in the sky. Now, this was very unusual…a shade coming out in the middle of the day! Shades were normally nocturnal creatures, though only evil shades could not take natural sunlight. A shade, to most people, looked like nothing more than a purple, hooded, long-sleeved robe with golden trim floating about an inch off the ground. To those few individuals who could see the Light of the Soul, a shade glowed a certain colour due to its alignment.

The shade in question was glowing cobalt blue, thus, he (for it was a he) was neutral good in alignment. He waded down the crystal-clear river till he was standing…err…floating in a pool/waterfall spot in the river. There were a few trees scattered around the area, the grass was a very bright and healthy green, the water was cascading down the boulders like a carpet on steps. The place was almost perfectly circular. The boulders were smooth, oval, and did not have any moss on them, and, for some reason, there was no spray from the waterfall. Thus, the boulders that the water did not touch were completely dry. The water itself was beautifully clear, clean, and pure.

I sincerely hope that what I have been sensing is not as bad as I believe it is… Thought the shade, wishing with all his might that this was not happening. He had been sensing, for quite awhile now, that something somewhere was going terribly wrong…

“Oh, Pool of Divination, please show me what I have been sensing. Something has gone terribly wrong in the world, but I do not know what.” The shade called out in Elven.

The water flowed even faster, but it did not seem to affect the shade. Soon, the water became more dark, murky, and mysterious. The shade watched as images began to form in the water of the pool, and he was absolutely horrified by what he saw…

This is bad, very bad! I must warn the others! He thought, racing away as fast as his half corporeal/half incorporeal form could take him. The water of the Pool soon returned to its original state.

Main Page

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